Mattew 24 vs 4-5 ‘And Jesus answered and said unto them,take heed that no man deceive you.For many shall come in my name and shall deceive many.’ One major warning Jesus gave to his disciples while He was in this world was to avoid deception, but we christians nowadays have embraced deception.The reason why christianity is what it is today is simply because we have embraced the deception of the devil.An average self acclaimed christian does not want to hear the truth again.What they want to hear are deceptive words that will excite their emotions and at the same time encourage their worldly desires.It has become so bad that you can hardly know who is saying the truth and who is saying the wrong thing.Satan has inspired so many false teachers in twisting the word of God to satisfy themselves.The sad thing now is that heaven is weeping over the church.So many people are being deceived by satanic agents but the true children of God who should fight these deceptions are watching helplessly.Its a pity that so many churches have been converted to entertainment centers and many ministers of God have become entertainers.I want you to read this very carefully so that if you have already fallen victim of these deceptions,you will be able to know the truth.You must know that when christ comes to juge the world,both the deceiver and the deceived will not be spared.I will discuss some of these deceptions and false teachings so as to enlighten your spiritual eyes.The first major deception i will discuss is about the issue of holiness.False teachings are everywhere now claiming what God wants is only your heart and not your body.This is a great lie from the pit of hell,but many people are believing this lies.The bible is very clear on this issue.Romans 12 vs 1 says ‘I beseech you therefore brethren,by the mercies of God that ye present your body as a living sacrifice,holy,acceptable unto God,which is your reasonable service.’A brother once went to a church and the brother released right there in the church due to the provoking dresses the ladies put on.What God wants from you is holiness within and without.Anything contrary to this is a deception from the pit of hell.Remember what the bible says that without holiness,no man will see the Lord.Another deception that is rampant in christendom today is on the aspects of the holy spirit.An average christian don’t have the holy spirit because they have been made to believe that the holy spirit is meant for few selected people.Most christians now rely heavily on their pastor and their pastor have now taken the place of the holy spirit in their lives.They preach against speaking in tongues and the manisfestations of the gifts of the spirit claiming that it is from the devil.They condemn true men of God manifesting the power of the holy spirit saying such people are using the power of the devil.This is a lie from the pit of hell.The devil knows the benefits of you possessing the holy spirit that is why he is trying to discourage christians from possessing the holy spirit.Thisis the major reason we have so many powerless christians these days.Jesus christ said behold i have given you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and to overcome the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.You cannot receive the power without the holy spirit.Read Acts 1 vs 8.Another deception spreading now in christiandom is on the aspects of paying tithes.False teachers are now rising up saying tithes is no longer necessary for a christian to pay.This is a great deception.God said in Malachi 3 that those that are not paying their tithes are robbing him.How can you be robbing God and still expect to get to his kingdom.They seems to have forgotten what Jesus said that ‘give unto God what belongs to God….’The greatest robbers are now found in the church and not even outside again Perhaps you are guilty of this,its better you repent now before it is too late.You can’t rob God and still expect to inherit his kingdom.There are more deceptions in the church today but if i have the opportunity next time,i will discuss more on them.Now,what are the evils of deception.The first evil and the most dangerous one is that when you allow yourself to be deceived, you will eventually find yourself in hell.This is one thing the devil know so well that is why he is not relenting on deceiving as many people as possible.Another evil of deception is that both the deceiver and the deceived will not be spared on judgement day.God will not spare you because someone deceive you.You will also be punished by God.Another evil of deception is that it leads to aborted destinies.So many destinies have been terminated as a result of deceptive words.When a man has been tied down spiritually and someone is telling him that he is shining,he is moving forward,such a man will not understand his real situation until the devil deals with him.Another disastrous evil of deception is that it leads to spiritual powerless.Most christians are powerless as a result of deception.Another evil of deception is that it blinds the eyes of a man from seeing the truth.Such a person will think he is on the right way whereas he is not.What must you do to escape the evils of deception.The first thing is that you must be genuinely born again.You must be born of the water and of the spirit.Study your bible regularly to know the truth in God’s word.Also pray for the baptism of the holy spirit.Remember to flee and renounce any form of deception.If you wish to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour,say this short prayer’Lord Jesus,have mercy upon me and forgive me.I confess you as my Lord and Saviour,come into my life and be my Lord,in Jesus name i pray,amen.’Congratulations,welcome to God’s family and pls do not go back to your former sins.God will strengthen you in Jesus name.


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