John 3 vs 16 “For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”There is no greater love than the love Jesus christ had for you.Just because of you,Jesus left his comfort in heaven and came to die for your sin so that you might live.As you know,all over the world today,people are celebrating and showing love to each other.But if i may ask you,which love are you celebrating?Is it the love that will destroy your destiny?Many destinies are going to be destroyed today as a result of the love they claim to be celebrating.Most christians have abandoned the real love of christ Jesus and are now celebrating lust.Today,the love of God should be made known to the world,but its a pity that no one seems to be doing that.The love of christians are waxing cold yet today these same people will be jumping around saying they are celebrating love.What love are you celebrating when you have neglected the love of christ towards you.The greatestof all love is the love of christ.The bible says in the last days,the love of many shall wax cold.Is your love not waxing cold.I want you to have a rethink today.Ask yourself,do you love God?If you love God you will have surender your life to him.Your being not born again is an evident that you did not love God.Accept Jesus into your life todayso that you can experience the true love of God.To accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour,say this prayer”Lord Jesus,i am very sorry for neglecting your love for my life.Have mercy and forgive me.Jesus come into my life and let me experience your true love,in Jesus name i pray,amen.Congratulations,welcome to the household of God.May God with your heart with true love and peace in Jesus name.Remeber,celebrate wisely today and show godly love to your neighbours.


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