“The fear of the lord is to hate evil,pride,and arrogancy,and the evil way,and the froward mouth do i hate”(Proverbs 8 vs 13). When we talk about the fear of the lord,the fear of the lord is not all about you trembling when someone mention God’s name,the fear of the lord is not about what so many people think it is,this bible passage clearly shows what the fear of the lord is all about and we aregoing to consider what it truly means to fear God. The central point in that bible passage is that the fear of the lord is to hate evil,now what does it mean to hate evil? To hate evil means to dislike with passion the things God dislike. The major thing God dislike is sin so in other words we can say to fear God is to hate sin. When you fear the lord,you will not do the things HE does not like. If you fear the Lord,you will always obey God’s word. If you fear the Lord,you will love your neigbour as yourself.If you fear God,you will flee from sin. The fear so many people have for God is just by the word of mouth and not by actions or behaviour. Don’t forget,God hates sin with passion and if you are walloping in sin and you are claiming you fear God,you are deceiving yourself. The true fear of God is to hate sin and every appearance of sin. Now be sincere with yourself,do you really fear God? Do you truly hate evil? Do you truly obey the word of God? If your answer is yes then congratulations but if your answer is no then you have to do something urgently. If you have not given your life to Jesus christ,it will be very difficult for you to fear God the best thing to do is to invite Jesus christ intoyour life by saying this prayer”Lord Jesus i come unto you as a sinner havemercy upon me,use your precious blood to wipe away mine iniquities,come into my life and implant in me the fear of God in Jesus name,amen. Congratulations for sayingthat prayer.”As ye have therefore received christ Jesus,so walk ye in him”(colosians 2 vs 6). God bless you in Jesus name,amen.


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