“For i know that in me,that is,in my flesh dwelleth no good thing:for to will is present with me;but how to perform that which is good i found not.For the good that i would,i do not:but the evil which i would not,that i do.Now if i do that i would not,it is no more i that do it,BUT SIN THAT DWELLETH IN ME.”Romans 7 vs 18-20.The major problem confronting every christians in this end time is sin.Most christians have tried battling with sin,but upon all their struggling,they still find themselves falling back into sin.That is the reason why most christians have now lose faith in God,and they now believe that it is impossible to live a holy life in this end time.If a christian can overcome sin,then it will be impossible for any satanic power to overcome such person.This is why the devil is confronting christians with different temptations just to make them sin against God.The devil has for so long kept men in the bondage of sin,but God in His infinite power is ready to deliver you from the grip of sin if you are ready to be delivered.Perhaps you have been struggling with a particular sin for so long,i can assure you,if you let God have his way in your life,He will deliver you totally.But it is very unfortunate that the christians we have nowadays are comfortable living in sin.I want you to understand something,AS LONG AS SIN IS STILL DWELLING IN YOUR LIFE,YOU ARE NOT FREE FROM THE POWERS OF HELL.According to that bible verses that we read,is not that Apostle Paul did not know what is right for him to do.He actually knew what is right but was unable to do it because of the SIN THAT DWELLS IN HIM.Just as you as a christian,you know it is not good to lie,but you are still lying.You know it is not good to fornicate,but you are fornicating.You know it is not good for you to live a worldly and wayward life,but you are living that way.All these happens because of the SIN THAT IS STILL DWELLING IN YOU.I want you to know that God is ready to deliver you if only you will call on him.It is very dangerous for you to leave that sin in your life without dealing with it.If you fail to deal with the sin that dwells in you,one day, that sin will deal with you in an unpleasant way.Moses failed to deal with the sin of anger that was in him, and that sin dealt with him by making sure he did not get to canaan land.Samson also failed to deal with the sin of immorality dwelling in him,and the sin dealt with him.As anointed as Samson was,he died with his enemies.I pray you will not die with your enemies in Jesus name.This sin has dealt with so many great men of God and rendered them useless in the vineyard of God.So there is a great need for you to arise and seriously deal with the sin within you before that sin deals with you.What must you do to totally defeat the sin that dwells in you?The first thing you must do is to surrender your life to Jesus.Surrender your totality to Jesus,repent of all your sins and forsake them totally.Invite Jesus into your life and become a born again christian.Without doing this, you cannot overcome the sin that dwells in you.Also you must pray fervently against every traits of sin in your life.If possible,go for deliverance.Most of those sins are backed and strenghtened by demons that is why you find it hard to forsake them.Another important thing you must do is that you must pray earnestly for the baptism of HOLY GHOST AND FIRE.This is very important so as to totally eradicate sin.The bible says the holy spirit will set you free from the law of sin and death.So it is very important for you to pray earnestly for the baptism of the holy spirit.Last but not the least,feed your spiritman daily with the word of God.Kindly read and share with your friends.God bless you as you do this in Jesus name.


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